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Quality Refurbished Hardware with Extended Warranty

With IB Remarketing you can save up to 40%- 80% on all your IT hardware requirements, compare us with your existing contract and see how!
Are you are looking for an enterprise hardware at half the cost, be assured we have it. IB Remarketing is a trusted provider for quality refurbished enterprise hardware worldwide. Since 1983, IB Remarketing has been providing quality hardware to various companies around the world. All our hardware undergoes stringent quality and testing procedure before being added to our inventory. Our certified technicians test and inspect all the hardware to ensure highest quality and optimum performance.
IB Remarketing empowers companies :-

  • To use their existing equipment without any pressure for upgrade or availability of spares.
  • To reduce the costs significantly on their existing contracts for infrastructure maintenance.
  • To avail cost effective prices
  • Quality hardware

When it come to delivery of the IT equipment, thanks to our inventory in over 340+ locations worldwide we can deliver your hardware in a couple of days. Our hardware comes to you from live data center environments and can be deployed straight away in your data center upon arrival. To ensure peace of mind to our customers, our refurbished IT hardware comes with an extended warranty.
Don’t worry which generation equipment you are looking for, we have a dedicated local buffer stock for all implementations; you will never have to halt your operations again, waiting for the spare parts to be shipped to you!

Key Features & Benefits

  • IB Remarketing is ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 certified
  • An average of 40%- 80% savings on your IT hardware, ensuring Reduced overall costs and greater returns on IT investments
  • Tailored Service Level Agreements addressing your IT infrastructure needs
  • Affordable extended support beyond initial warranty
  • Global support from a vast network of trusted engineers and affiliates
  • Certified technical support with over 300+ Specialists providing 24/7 Support
  • We currently operate in over 110+ Countries and support over 100,000 Systems Worldwide

How do we do it?

We understand that it is extremely important to keep costs down for your business. Our goal is to maximize the ROI of your IT infrastructure at lowest costs.
Talk to one of our support specialists today!

Why IB Remarketing?

  • Best Price Guaranteed each time, on all refurbished hardware and third party services.
  • Been in Business Since 1983, 33 years of experience in refurbished multi-vendor hardware and support services.
  • We provide equipment rentals with purchase options.
  • Get special offers, ensuring the lowest prices for any deal.
  • 340+ worldwide stock locations.
  • Availability of spare parts locally for all implementations.
  • 6 worldwide call centers.
  • We provide Integrated hardware and maintenance support.

IB Remarketing specializes in providing products and services for the maintenance and support of thousands of critical data centers around the world.Contact our specialists today to avail exclusive offers!
If the IT hardware you are looking for is not listed here, don’t worry, it is very simple; contact us and we will find it for you from our huge inventory.

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