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Cisco Networking Hardware

Never upgrade unless there is a specific technical or business need.


At IB Remarketing, we have a huge range of refurbished Cisco networking hardware including the most popular, new and old generation Cisco switches and Cisco Routers. IB Remarketing provides a wide range of tested Cisco hardware, delivered fast, with an extended IBR warranty.

IBR is well known for providing quality tested Cisco Networking hardware. Please feel free to contact our networking hardware experts for any specific equipment request. Our range of refurbished Cisco hardware and worldwide coverage is the key value of our business.

IB Remarketing is ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001 and WEEE-certified, ensuring the highest standards in hardware testing, service, delivery and cost savings. We own 100% of the available stock and our world class procurement and recycling activity makes it possible for us to provide you with any Cisco networking equipment without end-of-life and end-of-sale restrictions. We empower our clients you by enabling them to use their IT hardware for any amount of time without worrying about EOS/EOL dates, giving you the ability to independently make IT infrastructure upgrade decisions.


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