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March 13, 2017
Posted On : March 13, 2017
Data Center Relocation Planning

Relocations can vary from moving a single item from one place to another inside a same room to moving 1,000 assets across a whole country. Some cases may be simple, as expected, while others might have numerous logistics complexities. However, the term “relocation” means only a physical move and it is not the same as a data center migration.

Numerous server and storage moving services are offered throughout each country; however, only few of them have the right tools, connections and the degree of expertise required to guarantee a smooth transition and speedy return to normal functioning. Below are some points that should be considered when involved in the initial stages of your data center relocation plan:

  1. Do my vendors have multi-vendor hardware experts to power-down, move and power-up my equipment? If something goes wrong, will these movers have the required expertise to solve a hardware problem or identify the root cause of a reported error? Will they just turn the equipment “on” and leave me to deal with the problem?
  2. Does this vendor dispose of a dedicated logistics team having an expertise in multi-country shipments? Do they understand the proper techniques and methods to be used in order to ensure my hardware will not be seized in customs due of improper declarations?
  3. Do these vendors have the suitable approaches to properly and comprehensively audit each asset before the transition and inform my team about any current or pending issues? Are these audit tools only manual or only software-driven – what could bemy risks if their audits were not comprehensive?

Data Center relocation planning might seem like a simple task, but possible partners can vary significantly in skills set and experience. Choosing the right support partner for your requirements is critical.

Even if any relocation vendor sale representative might suggest, “Do you want it good, fast or within your budget? …most of the time you can pick only two.” Why not look for are location partner that can help you with your relocation strategy and strive to provide you all three? They do exist. Contact our experts today!