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A Flexible Service Level Agreement (SLA)

How to choose your SLA?

Before choosing the right SLA, you should first identify the level of criticality of your install base.

Steps to choose your SLA:

  1. Audit your IT assets
  2. Identify your performance limitation
  3. Highlight the most critical components
  4. Set your priorities
  5. Fit your budget to your needs

SLA Should Follow the Evolution of Your Activities

IB Remarketing can provide flexible SLAs. Coverage window, intervention and repair time can be updated whenever your business needs change, and you require other levels of services. IB Remarketing Help Desk engineers are available 24/7/365. You can open a trouble ticket either by phone or by email.

You can create your tailored SLA based on your specific needs and budget, or use one of our common SLAs:

    • Call Logging Window
    • Telephone Response Time
    • Intervention Window
    • Onsite Intervention Time
    • Repair Time
    • Business hours
    • Next BD
    • Business hours
    • Critical :24h Major   :48h
    • Best Efforts
    • BRONZE 24/7
    • 24/7/365
    • 2h
    • 24/7/365
    • Critical :4h Major   :24h
    • Best Efforts
      (< 3 days)
    • SILVER
    • 24/7/365
    • 1h
    • 24/7/365
    • Critical :4h Major   :24h
    • Critical:12h
      Major  :3BD
      Minor  :14BD
    • GOLD
    • 24/7/365
    • 30min
    • 24/7/365
    • 4h
    • Critical :12h Major   :24h Minor   :7BD
    • 24/7/365
    • 15min
    • 24/7/365
    • 2h
    • Critical :6h Major   :12h Minor   :3BD

BD = Business Day

– Critical : Failure preventing the use of an essential function of the equipment, with a direct impact on the company’s performance.

– Major : Failure impacting an essential function of the equipment without totally preventing its use, with a minor impact on the company’s performance.

– Minor : Failure which is neither Critical nor Major, which causes a disruption of minor or ancillary functions of the equipment, with no impact on the company’s performance.

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