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Third Party IT Maintenance

A Worldwide Multi-Vendor Third Party IT Maintenance Provider

IB Remarketing is specialized in providing third party it maintenance for the hardware of your multi-vendor data center such as servers, storage and networking equipment. IBR IT maintenance services cover almost the main manufacturers including IBM, HP, DELL, Fujitsu, EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, Brocade, Cisco, Juniper as well as many other vendors.

We are committed to deliver high quality and cost-effective post-warranty IT hardware support with customized SLA, through a global network of certified engineers and local availability of spare parts in over 340 locations worldwide.

Extending the Life Cycle of Your EOSL Enterprise Hardware

An end of service life (EOSL) date from a manufacturer may signal the end of support and a great time for you to upgrade to new systems. IB Remarketing empower you by enabling you to use your IT hardware for any amount of time without worrying about EOS/EOL dates, giving you the ability to independently make IT infrastructure upgrade decisions.

IB Remarketing’s expertise and global network permit it to currently support IT equipment up to 20-years. Through the services provided, all IT hardware can be supported after their end of service life date. Therefore, third-party maintenance is considered the best option to extend the life cycle of your working hardware before a real technical or business need.

A Unique Contract for All Maintenance Projects

Its international coverage and over 30 years of expertise in IT multi-vendor hardware allow IB Remarketing to be a Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) for tailored third-party IT maintenance services.

IBR services processes are globally standardized to provide the same high quality of service worldwide. There are a many advantages to using a single supplier for your IT services contracts, in particular reducing cost and gaining time. See below the main advantages of having a SPOC:

 Third Party IT Maintenance

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