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More than 40 to 80% savings per equipment when you switch to a customized support model of Cisco support with IBR support.

Currently, only few procurement professionals and network administrators pay attention to the details within their Cisco support agreement, which means that in most cases, they are paying for support on assets that no longer require expensive manufacturer coverage. In fact, the analysis carried out by IB Remarketing on over 300 client contracts show that 40-60% of clients’ networking equipment passed their end-of-service date, or are entitled to free updates, while their owners still pay high amounts for their maintenance.

This actually means there are simple options allowing you to lower your expenses and increase your confidence at the same time, by choosing a customized solution to extend the life cycle of your equipment while making savings. So, in line with this vision, IB Remarketing offers its clients a unique assessment to help analyze their Cisco support agreement and understand exactly which devices can be supported in a more affordable way, without compromising their performance. Therefore, with the help of their wide network of experts all around the world, IB Remarketing can provide the needed support in a cost efficient solution. Furthermore, IB Remarketing clients also appreciate in particular, the managed maintenance option for Cisco asset support which simplifies incident generation and tracking to solve issue conveniently.

  • 96,000+ assets under contract around the world
  • A global network of multi-vendor local field engineers
  • 6+ call centers worldwide, available 24x7x365
  • 96% customer retention rate
  • 20+ offices worldwide
  • 340+ dedicated stock locations worldwide
  • Customized SLA
  • Single Point of Contact for all asset maintenance needs
  • Established partner relationships for server support in hard to reach regions
  • A dedicated central team of experts for multi-vendor server platform
  • Worldwide logistics

All these unique advantages make IBR the ideal partner for your maintenance and support needs all around the world.

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