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Fearing Gray Market Products is No Longer A Reason Not to Use 3rd Party Maintenance

February 7, 2017
Posted On : February 7, 2017
3rd Party Maintenance Providers

For a certain time now, 3rd Party Maintenance providers have been accused of using gray market products, that would not be suitable for OEM updates or service. Therefore, many companies did not consider pursuing an agreement for this reason, fearing that their newly installed components would not be covered by traditional OEM warranties.

However, leading companies are setting the record straight and changing the view of third party alternatives. Due to the common IT maintenance myths, your organization could be missing out on savings equal to thousands, or even hundreds of thousands in annual IT cost.

Myth #1: Providers use gray market products. This is where due diligence is very important. Using a reputable 3rd Party Maintenance providers guarantees that the used products and IT components are well functioning and covered by warranty. In fact, leading service providers like IB Remarketing, will only use OEM certified parts. And, in many cases, for more protection, maintenance providers provide their own warranties and coverages.

Myth #2: Not using an OEM service agreement creates risks for my IT assets. In reality, OEM service agreements do not guarantee that all of your IT assets are covered. Most companies have contract redundancies or decommissioned assets that are still under service coverage. And, in some cases, critical IT software and systems may be left without a dedicated service agreement. And since the OEM is not likely to carry out an IT audit to ensure you have the right coverage just for the assets you are currently using, that responsibility is left to the individual company. At IB Remarketing, network engineers conduct a thorough IT system review to determine what IT assets are covered and under what contract. Providers offer organizations with better coverage, at lower costs, with an emphasis on not leaving any IT component with a service agreement.

Myth #3: Alternative maintenance contracts are not serviced by certified professionals.

In fact, most OEM’s outsource their maintenance service to third party vendors without guaranteeing that the technician who is dispatched to repair your asset is experienced or certified to work on that specific component. Whereas, many providers only send certified and licensed IT professionals for all technical support. As for IB Remarketing, our technical assistance center is run by network engineers who have completed extensive training and can expertly resolve issues with Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, Dell, IBM, HP, SGI, EMC, or NetApp components.

3rd Party Maintenance providers such as IB Remarketing, are changing IT maintenance standards and offering expert-level services focused on simplifying and reducing the cost of IT maintenance. Through providing professional and fast customer service, and dispatching certified technicians out on site faster to resolve issues quicker, IB Remarketing is revolutionizing the way organizations view alternative service agreements.

If you believe your organization could benefit from partnering with a Maintenance Lifecycle Support and Methodology Provider to manage all IT assets, then contact us.