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Unique expertise in the field compared to independent server support teams

As a well-known global leader in world class server support, IB Remarketing has a wide expertise in multi-vendor hardware, including maintenance and support for post-warranty servers. A complementary assessment offered by IB Remarketing for your server maintenance needs allows you to quickly identify savings potential, while reducing the risk for your post-warranty server assets.

Moreover, such assessments often provide information that are not generally shared by your existing equipment manufacturer. Such information is deemed very important in determining the possible options which are available for you to make savings. Our server team seeks to help you reach the freedom of post-warranty support, so you can allocate a larger budget for more critical IT initiatives.

This unique expertise and our customized solutions enable your companies to focus on more important issues and have a higher margin in the budget for the growth projects.
Many advantages make IBR different from others as we seek to achieve a wide global presence and a specialized expertise to support your IT activities around the clock.

  • 96,000+ assets under contract around the world
  • A global network of multi-vendor local field engineers
  • 6+ call centers worldwide, available 24x7x365
  • 96% customer retention rate
  • 20+ offices worldwide
  • 340+ dedicated stock locations worldwide
  • Customized SLA
  • Single Point of Contact for all asset maintenance needs
  • Established partner relationships for server support in hard to reach regions
  • A dedicated central team of experts for multi-vendor server platform
  • Worldwide logistics

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