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Tower Servers

IB Remarketing can help you save time and money on your refurbished Dell PowerEdge tower servers and other Dell hardware. IBR, promises quality, trusted Dell tower servers with an extended warranty. Dell PowerEdge Rack servers are designed to provide high performance and superior functionalities at lowest prices. Dell tower servers are extremely quiet and cool, they are capable of Virtualization, can be Expanded, has an easily accessible chassis inside, is a server system that is Cost-effective with plenty of management features.
IBR, has a huge inventory of Dell tower servers that are ready to be deployed, with a portfolio of quality Dell servers and IBR’s unmatched value of consistency, and superior customer service, you can be assured of maximizing the uptime of your data center.
We make sure that all your equipment are delivered at your door steps fully configured, and tested for your required specification.
We believe in maintaining the equipment, than upgrading them unnecessarily!
A single Dell PowerEdge tower server generally has more expandability than a comparable rack server. For example, tower servers may have more PCIe and memory slots making expansion easier. As an organization grows and data processing needs require a move to rack servers, conversion kits can be purchased for some models to turn a tower server into a rack-mount server.
Flagship Technologies specializes in refurbished Dell PowerEdge servers and replacement spare parts. We have many pre-built servers that have been tested and certified for reuse. We can also custom-build servers specifically tailored to the needs of your datacenter or project. All servers carry our one-year parts replacement warranty.
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Dell PowerEdge T710 Servers

The PowerEdge T710 is a 2-socket, Intel processor-based tower server that offers remote sites, large business units and growing businesses robust virt..Read more

Dell PowerEdge T620 Servers

Dell’s PowerEdge T620 is a feature-rich, two-socket tower server powered by the Intel Xeon E5-2600 or E5-2600 v2 processor product families. The..Read more

Dell PowerEdge T610 Servers

The PowerEdge T610 is designed to be quiet, compact and easy to use, yet not compromise on performance or value. Designed to take advantage of the Int..Read more

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