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Support solutions for post-warranty storage challenges from legacy tape drives to modern SANs

Nowadays, for all companies, the content of their data center is crucial to their business’s institutional memory. Few third-party maintenance companies have the deep acquired expertise of IB Remarketing in this mission-critical field – which ranges from complicated SAN environments to tape storage – in addition to the infrastructure to provide its services across multiple continents.

These days, industry experts such as Gartner and Accenture are recommending a new sense of confidence to encourage companies to outsource their crucial storage support to just few “top performing” trusted maintainers. In these circumstances, IB Remarketing can provide cost effective and high quality maintenance for your storage systems – whether manufactured by HP, IBM, EMC, NetApp, Dell, HDS (Hitachi) or any other multi-vendor equipment. So IB Remarketing can give you a new freedom to think about the most important issues, like how to use your company’s stored data to inform today’s insightful strategies and initiatives and be able to grow in your business.

Therefore, through its customized options, IB Remarketing allows you to meet your needs while maintaining your budget. In addition, its worldwide presence and wide network of professionals, provide you quick response time to solve any relevant post-warranty storage challenge faced by your company.

  • 96,000+ assets under contract around the world
  • A global network of multi-vendor local field engineers
  • 6+ call centers worldwide, available 24x7x365
  • 96% customer retention rate
  • 20+ offices worldwide
  • 340+ dedicated stock locations worldwide
  • Customized SLA
  • Single Point of Contact for all asset maintenance needs
  • Established partner relationships for server support in hard to reach regions
  • A dedicated central team of experts for multi-vendor server platform
  • Worldwide logistics

Based on these key benefits, IB Remarketing provides diversified options allowing its customers to enjoy hassle-free services in multiple locations around the world.

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